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A microcosmos of hope!

Many wonder if one man alone can make the difference. Could it be?

Spend a few minutes reading the temporary Program of events of the Greek Network of the European Music Day 2013, and decide for yourself!

Young, older, Greeks, foreigners, known or amateur artists, choirs, orchestras but also organizers, technicians, journalists, volunteers … have united their forces through a common vision,
and the result is just heartwarming!

For these reasons we are trying to include other events till the last moment, since we are overcome by demands from all over Greece and as you know,  the “Music Day” is made by all and belongs to all (until the dawn,  proposals were arriving from Athens, Ioannina, Moxchato-Tavros, Kallithea, Chania … and of course we have the developments with the Music ensembles of ERT)!

So we present you the nationwide program, and until late in the evening, we will up-load the final events program (also in pdf format so that you can download it)

Listen to the rhythm of your heart!



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