Music Events Coordination and Organization (MESO) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1998 with the support of the French and Belgian Ministries for Culture, the support of the French Author Right Society (SACEM) and according to the international guidelines for all Music Day European coordinators.

The design of the first events in Athens (21st of June 1999), where held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the City of Athens and the Cultural Organization of the City of Athens.

M.E.S.O. is a member of the A.I.S.B.L. Fête Européenne de la Musique / I.N.P.O. European Music Day Association (European Network coordinator) since 2003.

Throughout the year M.E.S.O. Music Event’s mission is to prepare, produce and coordinate all parties involved (Governmental and institutional partners, municipal authorities, private partnerships, public and private funding & sponsoring, music and cultural organizations, independent producers and artists) in order to achieve and produce the events that take place on and around the 21st of June.

With innovative solutions at Greek and European level and through permanent collaborations with major institutional and private partners of the Music Sector (in the wider sense), MESO supports, promotes and produces cultural events, artists touring and road shows, Live events and Festivals.

Since 2009, M.E.S.O. Music Events is in charge development of the European Network of the “A.I.S.B.L. Fête Européenne de la Musique / I.N.P.O. European Music Day Association”.

In 18 years, since the first events of Athens, the European Music Day events have produced and presented:

  •  2.400 soloists/ Djs / bands / orchestras and Choirs all over the country
  •  80 Bands /soloists/ bands/ Choirs and Orchestras from Abroad.
  •  200 Bands and Orchestras exchange (within national network)
  •  15 international artistic exchanges.
  •  35 Artistic Co-Productions
  •  45 Workshops and 5 Conferences

More than 1.200.000 spectators have followed some of the thousand concerts and events while on each edition, the average attendance reaches approximately 150.000 spectators (excepting passing citizens) on a national scale.

Indicative list of artists – ambassadors that have performed at the European Music Day:

Foreign Artists / Bands / Orchestras:

1 Giant Leap, Birdy Nam Nam, Black Strobe, Bojan Z, Choirs of the City of San Fransisco, Dreadzone, Dzihan & Kamien, Eric Truffaz, Hybrid Live, Fundamental & The Mighty Zulu Nation, Le Peuple de L’Herbe, Mory Kante, Neneh Cherry (Circus Project), Nick Warren (Way out West Project), Nostalgia 77, Nouvelle Vague, Scissor Sisters, Shantel and The Bukovina Orkestar, Skip the Use, The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra Brass Section, The Sinfonietta of Lausanne, Trilok Gurtu, Us3 …

Greek Artists / Bands / Orchestras:

Aliki Kayaloglou, Andriana Babali, City of Athens Symphonic Orchestra, Cleopatra Fyntanidou, GAD, Giannis Charoulis, Goin Through, Konstantinos Vita, Imam Baildi, Locomondo, Mikael Delta, Mikro, Monika, Manolis Karantinis, Nikos Portokaloglou, State Orchestra of Athens, Nikko Patrelaki, Raining Pleasure, Rodes, Stamatis Kraounakis, Symphonic Orchestra of ERT, Theodosia Tsatsou, Vanguelis Germanos, Universal Trilogy

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