Registration to Athens EMD 2014 Events with Match Athens platformRegistration for the European Music Day, 19 – 21 of June 2014 was created in an attempt to boost the growth of the participating artists and venues network and to make participating in the European Music Day 2014 easy and accessible to anyone.

MatchAthens gives the opportunity to artists and venues to broaden their network by giving the ability to communicate instantly with each other. Match Athens provides all the means necessary for artists and venues to organise live shows for the European Music Day 2014.

Match Athens was pilot-launched last year inAthens during the European Music Day 2013 in partnership with One Solstice. The organization aims to support, expand, unite and build upon this worldwide celebration of creativity that began in France 32 years ago as Fête de la Musique (Music or Make Music Day).

All you need to do is to sign up at!

Artists and Venues not only can they show interest other Venues and Artists but also they can form together the schedule of the European Music Day 2014. As an Artist or Venue you can communicate directly with each other, make the arrangements necessary and create your gig!

Thats how European Music Day proves that it belongs to everyone and it can be formed by all participants!

Open Call is addressed to:

  1. Amateur or professional artists:

       Performers, soloists, bands, choir, musical ensembles who would like to perform and show their work in European Music Day 2014 in Athens.

       2. Organisers:

       Individuals, cultural and artistic associations, foundations, music academies or schools, who would like to work together to organize the event or any parallel action during the European              Music Day 2014 in Athens.

So, What is music for you?

Is music your life? Unite with us, sign up and help create the greatest music moment of the Country.

Registrations are open until the 26th of May. (EXTENDED till 30th of May 2014)

Help Desk: help @

Information for the rest of Greece at info @ 

European Music Day 2014 is here!

Stay tuned!

M.E.S.O. Team

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