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Open Call for the

15th European Music Day anniversary edition

What is music for you?

The celebration evolves, matures and gives the initiative to everyone to actively be part of it. Every great dream begins with a dreamer, every dreamer wants to live the moment, every emotion needs to manifest. Our dream in its 15th anniversary is to unite people. To communicate and to freely express our emotions. All together! Something we all need.

How? The question is well known and the answer is one: with music!

Every word on our tongues is music. The road to salvage our souls is paved with music. Music is the sound of our heart beating. Music makes our heart beating. Music is eternal

Our journey into the world of sound emerged out of a single question. The question that we would like each one of you to answer: What is music for you?

Is it the nonverbal sound the singer makes? is it the cover of an album? A vibrating speaker? The music you play? A street party? A colour? A painting? Words written on a wall? The lyrics of a song? How does music unites us all?

Its a question that forces us for a sincere answer.

What is music for you?

European music day celebrates its 15th year anniversary and calls for your responses.

Do you like writing? Twitter us: @EMD_Greece #tieinaimousiki (what is music for you)

Are you a visual person? Complete our application form and send us our video at

Do you live through music? Team up with fellow artists and venues through Athens Music Matchmaker platform (further information on our website on the 30th of April 2014)

Athens Dates: 19 – 21 of June 2014

National dates info:



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