Venue: Innovathens, Friday 10th of May

Creative Europe Project / Time: 12.00 / Language: Greek

An initiative from NPO MESO Events in collaboration with NIMPE (Network for the Internationalization of Music Producers in Europe) and the Greek Network of the European Music Day.

NIMPE Initiative and the NIMPE MUSIC FACTORY project (NMF) are co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

After 2,5 years of collaboration the project which aimed to connect theory with practice by offering young music producers, music professionals and artists both seminars, networking and training sessions together with the opportunity to perform live at a major international event has come to an end.

From Volos(GR) and the great Lab Art venue, to Ljubljana Sigic headquarters(SI), passing from Herning and the amazing Landezine (DK), we also went to Le Novomax in Quimper (FR), crossed all over the Milano Music Week and felt the vibe of the fantastic Linecheck festival which hosted the #nimpemusicfactory. Our latest stop? An amazing experience in the historic venue of Band on the Wall and a great meeting at LEAF on Portland St in Manchester which is definitely also a great city for Music!

What comes next, how did NIMPE manage to provide experiences to partners and target groups? Come and meet us to learn more and connect with us.

For more information, visit NIMPE webpage

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