The general aim of Music and Vocational Education and Training project (MU-VET) is to promote discussion and co-operation among different stakeholders linked to VET in music to make the Education and Training process more consistent and effective in relation to current, emerging and prospective market needs.

The objectives are to contribute and assess VET state of art, to meet emerging competences needs in the music market by coping with skills gaps and anticipating emerging trends and jobs needs in EU changing music market.

Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

Project Partners:

Centro Arte Musicale (Treviso), European Vocational and Training Association (Brussels), Eventech (Prague), Media Event (Budapest), NPO M.E.S.O. Music events (Athens), MTV Italia (Μilan), Praga Cultural Center (Warsaw), Sheridan Music Consultancy (Glasgow).

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