cCLEP International Meeting!

cCLEP! project team will meet again at EPRALIMA, in Arcos de Valdevez, for the III project meeting and the Training Week.

During one week, Music Event Producers and Managers, Scaffolders, Riggers and Music professionals from the 5 EU countries will gather together with CCLEP partners to Brainstorm, exchange good & bad practices and ideas to improve European Live Music Sector security, management and teaching methods for professionals.

The meeting will also allow CCLEP partners to work on the development of the Output 1, and particularly:

  1. Presentation of the national researches concerning “O1-A1 – Requirements Analysis for the professions of Rigger, Scaffolder and Production Manager”.
  2. Set up a work plane for the creation of the European report O1-A1, starting from the national researches.
  3. Working on the O1-A2 – Development of 3 “job descriptions” at National level, Conducted by Patou Eclee and Plasa.
  4. Working on “O1-A3 – Desk analysis on existing training methodologies and training offers for the selected professions” – conducted by EPRALIMA.
  5. The next step will be the organization of a training event for staff member of the partner organizations, in order to share methods and experience related to the training of the professional profiles we’re working on: Rigger, Scaffolder and Production Manager.

Joint Staff Training participants

The activity will take place at EPRALIMA premises  from 7 to 13 October 2018.

  • Assomusica AssociazioneA (IT): 4 participants;
  • European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education – Patou International (FR): 2 participants;
  • EPRALIMA Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. (PT): 3 participants;
  • NPO MESO Events: (GR): 2 participants
  • EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION (IT): 1 participant;
  • PLASA – Professional Lighting and Sound Association (UK):  2 participants


The live entertainment industry suffers from the lack of a systematic approach to the recognition of professionals and their training. The recognition of the figures is fragmented, and often the training courses are based on obsolete models.

In this context CCLEP project, co-funded by the ERASMUS+ of the European Union, aims are promote the official recognition and validation of qualifications, skills and competences of key professions of the live music events industry, by developing a replicable advocacy methodology, to support recognition processes at the regional/national or EU levels.


  • Facilitate the recognition and validation of qualifications, skills and competences of the professions of Rigger, Scaffolder, Production Manager.
  • Encourage cooperation between public, private and VET bodies.
  • Strengthen partners’ advocacy ability and training offers.


  • Rigger, Scaffolder and Production Manager Job Description – National Models.
  • EU Job Descriptions.
  • National Reports on Existing Training Methodologies and Offers
  • Training Models for the professions of Rigger, Scaffolder and Production Manager at European Level.
  • 20 cCLEP! Roundtables.
  • cCLEP! Methodological Guidelines.
  • Training materials.
  • Dissemination products.


  • Creation of a common and transferable methodology for the recognition of key professions in live music sector, of their qualifications, skills and competences
  • Increased capacity of  partner trainers to conduct advocacy and lobbying and to design and deliver addressing new professions.
  • Establishment of new synergies and networks at the EU level in the field of Live Music Events Professions.

More infomration at: CCLEP website

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