In June 2017, the Hellenic Music Day will turn 18 and for that very special occasion, we think to extand the events more than one day this year again, between the 21st and the 25th of June, as a birthday present, and an opportunity to celebrate this symbolic anniversary and this special edition, with once again, hundreds of live music events and concerts all around the country.

Afterall, since our first event in June 1999, we have had the privilege to support thousands of artists, musicians and bands to play live, tour around the country or even abroad, and we organised hundreds of co-productions presenting artists, bands and orchestras in some of the most prestigious concerts halls of the country but also in stadiums, amphitheatres, train stations, airport or even in public spaces, parks and archaiological sites.



So, as we think about this summer birthday present, we definitly dream of a very special event…

Till then, stay tuned and check @ Hellenic network of the European Music Day Organisers for the latest news.
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