Are you an experienced music professional developing an innovative idea, which could have an impact on the music industry? Do you feel you are missing the necessary tools, knowledge and networks to support its conception?
Then JUMP – the European Music Market Accelerator is for you!

Organised by a network of six acclaimed European Festival and Conventions (MaMA, Un-Convention, MIL, European Music Day, Nouvelle Prague and Linecheck), JUMP provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models. It aims to help the music sector adapt to the recent transformations of the market, while encouraging it to work on a transnational level. For nine months (March-December 2019), you will have the opportunity to follow a unique programme during which you will:

  • Develop your idea, while benefiting from regular personalised advice from your tutor(a renowned expert)
  • Gain valuable knowledge about the music industry by attending Europe’s leading music festivals and conventions;
  • Strengthen your network and presentation skills by partaking to the JUMP activities
  • Exchange with and learn from your peer fellows from all over Europe and beyond

The aim is to have your idea ready to be presented to the music industry by the end of the programme! Does this sound interesting to you?

Then find out more about the programme and apply before Monday 14th of January 2019, 12:00 CET!

JUMP activities & tools will enhance your adaptability to the market changes, your capacity to work transnationally, allow you to develop new practical skills as well as soft skills. You will develop a strong transnational network and a better knowledge of the mechanisms at play in order to enlarge your geographic outreach.

JUMP Open call address to the following general categories of beneficiary profiles:

  1. Artist- entrepreneur
    The artist entrepreneur is a person who declares her/himself as a professional artist. She/he creates pieces or practices an art on his own merit or offers her/his services as a creator or interprets. She/he has peer recognition, she/he broadcasts or publicly interpret his/her pieces in a context or locations recognized by the profession. The applicant must have a minimum of five years professional artistic practice to apply (considering whole path and including practice of other disciplines). She/he must be in charge of her/his career or company while working on the artistic approach.
    The JUMP Artist Entrepreneur 2019 fellowship will focus on individual and group accompaniment of Artist Entrepreneurs on the business side of their projects and not on the artistic approach.
    Through counselling and dedicated workshops, panels, webinars, networking events etc, JUMP fellowship will strive to get these professional artists at the center of their ‘game’ with full potential as entrepreneurs, aware and able to manage their own business at its best. It will tackle issues such as:
    Export – Marketing & promotion – European legislation – Contracts and royalties – Innovative business models – Getting in project mode – Data management – Civil engagement – European artist networks – Etc.
  2. Music Promoters
    Music venues & festival promoters are professionals responsible for organizing, creating, advising in the concept or artistic programming or business development of one or more public music events.
    They must have at least worked on three events or editions of the same event recognized by their peers over the last five years.
    The JUMP Festival Promoters 2019 fellowship will focus on individual and group accompaniment of Festival Promoters on the development of new business models.
    Through counselling and dedicated workshops, panels, webinars, networking events etc. JUMP fellowship will strive to get these promoters to the best of their innovative potential, aware and able to manage and adapt their own business in a context of major transformations in the live music industry. It will tackle issues such as:
    Security – Programming – Sustainable innovations – Marketing & Promotions – New business models – Civil engagement – European networks – Etc.
  3. Service Providers 
    Service providers are professionals providing music industry actors or organizations (recorded & live music actors) with innovative solutions or services in consulting, legal, financing, communications and marketing: direct-to-fan, workflow & processing, ticketing & cashless, live stream, incubators, etc.
    They must have an experience in the music industry at any position or as service providers in any sector of at least 3 years. Their solution when applicable must be at least at the stage of beta
    The JUMP Service Providers 2019 fellowship will focus on individual and group accompaniment of Service Providers on their development. Through counselling and dedicated workshops, panels, webinars, networking events etc. JUMP fellowship will strive to get these service providers to the best of their innovative potential, aware and able to manage and adapt their own business in a context of major transformations in the music industry. It will tackle issues such as:
    Copyrights – Data management – Financial strategy – European legislation – New business models – Marketing & Promotion – Civil engagement – Etc.

The JUMP PROGRAMME: How does it work?
By following our programme, you will receive all the necessary tools and information to develop your idea. We’ve got you covered!

The Tutorship
Developing an idea, can be a lonely business and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of steps and procedures required. Selected participants will be assigned to a tutor – an experienced professional, who will follow the development of your idea and support you in its formation.

The Training Programme
In parallel, you will strengthen your knowledge of the music industry and acquire a very useful overview of the business at European level by attending the six festival and conventions of the JUMP network, and two events to be determined according to the needs of the selected fellows.

→ Festival and Conventions

  • Un-Convention, 5-11 March 2019 in Manchester – UK
  • MIL, 27-29 March 2019 in Lisbon – Portugal
  • European Music Day & Athens Music Week , 17-23 June 2019 in Athens – Greece
  • MaMA, 16-18 October in Paris – France
  • Nouvelle Prague, 8-9 November 2019 in Prague – Czech Republic
  • Linecheck, 18-24 November 2019 in Milan – Italy
  • Two extra delegations during the course of the year.

During each event, a special JUMP path has been carefully put into place to respond to the needs and challenges you may encounter while developing your idea. You will attend numerous panels, workshops and discussions covering an extensive range of topics.

→ Topics covered by JUMP

  • The music business ecosystem
  • Fan engagement (audience development, content strategy, branding)
  • Business development (E-Commerce, merchandising, music & brands)
  • Innovation (start-up, pitch, blockchain, VR/AR)
  • Social change (gender equality, health, social responsibility)
  • Legal (rights, contracts, livestreaming, GDPR)
  • Data (Music data landscape, as an audience management tool, as a curation tool)
  • Marketing (reach, engage, monetize audience)
  • Funding (Public funding, crowdfunding, venture capital)
  • Immersive experience (The new frontiers of sound, fan interactions: IOT, apps, AR)
  • Cultural economics (music in the city, music & tourism, music as a social inclusion factor locally)
  • Ticketing (fan engagement, business development, innovation, data and marketing)
  • International (new tools for export, European networks)
  • Project development & management

→ The JUMP activities

In addition to the conferences, panels and workshops you will attend during the conventions, we will make sure you get real life experience by organising a wide range of activities where you will be able to practice your networking, presentation and argumentation skills.

> THE JUMP CLUB – Get ready to mingle
Networking is an essential competence when building a project. You will participate in speed-meetings and cocktails where you will be able to meet all the key players of the industry (labels and live sector, media, investors, European networks etc.).

> THE JUMP SHOWROOM – Present and test your idea
We believe it is important for you to present your idea in front of a jury composed of professionals, who will confront you and ask the correct questions to bring your idea to the next level. Several pitch-sessions at different stages of development of your idea are foreseen. To complement the pitch-sessions, true innovation showrooms will be organised.

> THE JUMP WORKSHOPS – Peer-learning and exchange
By joining the JUMP programme, you will become a full member of the JUMP community. Meet your nine fellow participants and exchange on the progress of your respective ideas, brainstorm on new models and work on group projects. This will make you grow and network all at once.

What is in for you

  • Benefit from a unique framework to develop your idea
  • Profit from the knowledge and expertise from experienced music industry professionals
  • Be a full member of an international community of fellows
  • Get the chance to network Europe-wide
  • Discover the different European markets
  • Receive the JUMP certificate of excellence after completion of the programme
  • Accreditations to eight festival and conventions
  • Travel and accommodation costs covered to all events of the JUMP network

What is expected from you

First and foremost, we are looking for extremely motivated people, who are willing to dedicate their time to the programme and to the development of their projects. We thus require:

  • Development of your idea to the point that the project could be implemented at the end of the programme (the idea could be the development of an existing project or a brand new one)
  • Mandatory participation to all the festival and conventions of the network (See the dates here :
  • Participation in the JUMP activities during the festival and conventions
  • Participation in other panels and discussions of the conventions encouraged
  • Regular contact with your tutor and the JUMP project coordinator after each event
  • Drafting of a final report about your experience

Costs Covered

Selected participants will have the following costs kindly covered by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission and the Jump organisers:

  • International travel costs in second class to all JUMP conventions
  • Accommodation costs for all JUMP conventions

Not included: local transportation costs, transfer to the airports and personal expenses.

Eligibility criteria

  • Representative of the innovative idea (please kindly note that only one person can apply, but that you can apply on behalf of a group, or company, or band)
  • The call is directed to experienced music industry professional (artists entrepreneurs, agent, booking agency, festival organisers, music distribution & sales, music supervisors, media, promoter, publishers, venue promoters, record labels, service providers related to the music business etc.)
  • The call is open to applicants from the 28 Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland as well as the candidate countries (Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey).
  • A suitable level of English is required to benefit from the activities
  • The call is meant for professional with at least around 3 years of experience in the music industry.
  • All applicants should be above 18 with travelling documents

Selection Criteria

  • Potential of the idea
  • Motivation
  • Need for fellowship
  • Strategic vision or what you will do with the given opportunity
  • A suitable level of English

In addition, JUMP – the European Music Market Accelerator will strive for

  • Gender balance (a strict 50/50 % rule will be applied)
  • Geographical diversity
  • Balance in terms of background of the applicants

Selection Process:

The deadline to submit your application is Monday the 14th of January 2019, 12:00 CET. You can have an overview of the questions here and submit online. Applications will only be taken into consideration if submitted via this application tool. No applications via email or post will be considered.

The selection results will be unveiled by the beginning of February 2019. Please kindly note, that you will have five day to confirm your participation should you have been selected. In case of no-response, the spot will be offered to another applicant.


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