💥European Music Day Live Common Event starts at 18: 00 CET !

We are thrilled to present the full line-up of the 21st edition of the #europeanmusicday – #feteEuropeennedelaMusique 2020, Digital Edition!
With music genres ranging from Jazz to pop, from rock to funk and techno, we will be visiting beloved places, legendary landmarks, or unexpected spots, from the Cobblers Bridge in #Ljubljana to the rooftop of the Institut français Berlin or the gardens of #Manchester, from #TechnopolisCityofAthensObservatory to a
boat TRIP on Budapests Danube river, from #Bucharest to the secret gardens of Lisbon, from magnificent Krakow to the Legendary Cross Club in Prague, and from a home studio in Milano to the Музеј на современата уметност Скопје / Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje and the one-of-a-kind party on a rooftop overlooking Bosporus in Istanbul!

19.00 (18.00 CET), Manchester (UK), Diving Station
19.12 (18.12 CET), Krakow (PL), Gypsyandtheacidqueen
19.42 (18.42 CET), Athens (GR), Mica Eio
19.57 (18.57 CET), Ljubljana (SI), Pantaloons
20.17 (19.17 CET), Lisbon (PT), MURAIS
20.32 (19.32 CET), Prague (CZ), teepee
21.02 (20.02 CET), Skopje (MK), Foltin
21.24 (20.24 CET), Budapest (HU), Goodbye Darjeeling
21.44 (20.44 CET), Athens (GR), Tfatfy
22.10 (21.10 CET), Milano (IT), Luwei Mondonero
22.30 (21.30 CET), Berlin (DE), The junk-E-cat
23.00 (22.00 CET), Istanbul (TR), Hey Douglas
23.42 (22.42 CET), Bucharest (RO), Manuel Riva

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