The European Music Cluster is a Project of the EUROPEAN RESEARCH & INNOVATION AGENCY FOR CULTURAL CLUSTERS (EURICCA) aiming to create a Contact Point for all professions of the European Music Sector (in the wider sense).


EURICCA initiative (European Research & Innovation Agency for Cultural Clusters) aims to provide new tools and innovative training paths to strengthen cultural, educational and business activities related to the Cultural Clusters, combining theory to practice via the simultaneous management of Communities of Practice and Living Labs.

Representing wide networks of partners with complementary expertise, knowledge, skills and competencies, EURICCA (in foundation of process) aims to create a virtual platform that will combine theory to practice and that will provide economies of scale. Under a common management, EURICCA network will generate new coalitions at local, national and European level, wider partnerships and finally it will create Clusters that will strengthen the Creative, Educational, Entrepreneurial and Business activities related to the Wider Cultural Sector.

Music Sector will be the first Cluster to be developed, including directly and indirectly related professions (industries, education, VET, Classic Sector, Choirs, venues etc…).

This collaborative effort, will allow the gathering of substantial information consisting of point of views, suggestions and best practices from (amongst others) artists, formal and non-formal music teachers, publishers, entrepreneurs, journalists, musicologists, sound engineering colleges, radio stations, live venues and concert halls.

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