MESO Events (National European Music Day Network Representative and Coordinator) represents EuropaVox Festival in Greece, since 2006.

The aim of collaboration concerns by sending artistic proposals and supporting the participation of Greek artists in “the voice of Europe”(Europa Vox).

The ambassadors of our country simultaneously  with other upcoming musicians representatives from the other 26 European countries in the EU and with established artists names on the European music scene, transform the small town of Clermont-Ferrand, in a European musical mosaic, creating one of the largest festival of new and emerging talents in Europe.

Also, the musicians, representatives of the wider music sector are travelling each year for joining the professional village of Europavox. From Greece have also attended Greek journalists and producers of independent music discography (Athens Voice, Sonik Mag, Best Radio,, Stereomatic Prod., Klik Records, Music Kitchen, Sound of everything …)

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