What is music for you?

The Hellenic Network of the European Music day prepares 20th edition of the Music Day events this year, and time has come to launch the Open Call for organizers and musicians. 

Open Call 2019 :

1. Call for organizers *

  1. Do you live with music? You like to organize events and events?
  2. You have a garden, a terrace or have access to a pedestrian street?
  3. Are you a single person, an association, a company, a group of friends or a cultural stakeholder?

Make your own musical event and organize your live for the most melodious day of the year! Join the call (form herunder) and send us your proposal before May 17th.

* Individuals or private companies, cultural and artistic centers, clubs, foundations, music academies or schools, Conservatories, Libraries, Museums, Theaters, Hotels, Bar (etc.)

2. Call for Musicians

You want to change the rhythms of our cities? You are an amateur or professional musician? You are a band, a choir or orchestra, or maybe a Dj or a Beat boxer?

Join the Call and set the tone for the 20th Music Day! Send us with your contact details in the Artist form herunder and send us your proposal by May 17th.


20th European Music Day #europeanmusicday #Emd20


1. Call for Co-organizers* in cities of the EMD greek Network (open till May 17th 2019)
Application is in greek. To apply please follow the link



2. Call for Organizers in cities outside the EMD greek Network (open till May 17th 2019)
Application is in greek. To apply, please follow the link 



3. Call for Artists and Musicians (open till May 17th 2019)
Application is in greek. To apply, please follow the link 



To find out about the specific dates of the Music day events in the cities you are interested in, please check out our Facebook page.

Hellenic Network dates of the European Music Day events: 21 until 23 of June

Terms & Conditions of Participation #EMD2019

National Coordination: NPO MESO Events

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