In 2015, Music Day events will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Budapest which created the European Network of the Music Day Organisers (EMD) but it will also mark the 30th  anniversary since the 1st European Capital of Culture which was Athens in 1985.

Considering those very symbolic opportunities, the Greek delegation proposed the organization of a special European framework of activities and events for the celebration of these important anniversaries in Greece and more specifically in Athens.

Our thoughts were inspired by the vision of Melina Mercouri and the reasons that created the concept of the European Capitals of Culture, when back in 1983, she stated that “Europe needs a soul” and that “only culture could offer it”, a necessity that has become even more vital today.

This is why, under the umbrella of a common idea which aims to promote the principles and strengthening the values ​​of a united Europe, the Greek network of the EMD has set the tone for direct and indirect involvement of partners at European level, in order to create activities from across the spectrum of the Creative and cultural Industries during the events of the EMD Athens (19-21 of June).

For these reasons, in addition of the 400 music events that will be organised nationwide, including the 100 events of Attica, NPO MESO as the National Coordinator of the Greek Network EMD (38 cities in 2014) presented an indicative framework of activities and a coordinating mechanism to create proposals, record basic needs and select final activities.

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