The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, and over the past 20 years, the summer solstice finds thousands of amateur, grass root talents and renowned artists performing live for thousand of people all over the country. It is in fact also a unique opportunity for wider audiences to discover artists and music of all genres.

In conjunction with the public and private sector, the European Music Day celebrations have risen as the biggest collective music happening in Southeastern Europe, spreading out throughout Greece and repeatedly offering unique experiences and musical moments for all.

This year’s anniversary edition on 21-23 June is set to revive many cities, through interesting projects and collaborations of international networks and local organizations.

More than just open air and entrance free concerts, the European Music Day is shaping up a multilevel program of cultural activities that prove the value of music as a tool of expression, social coherence and growth.

More information with regards to the open call for participation nationwide will be disclosed in early April, so stay tuned.

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European Music Day 2019
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National Coordination: ΜΕSΟ Events

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