It all started from our passion for the arts and particularly music. We always had many ideas but all were connected with our passion for Music. One of these became reality in 1998: the creation of the Greek European Music Day network (EMD).

The first contact with the audiences was achieved on the 21st of June 1999 and from that day until today, the love and the impact of the public was and is great, boosting the event as one of the greatest musical institutions of the country.

The NPO MESO was created to support this idea nationwide. After 15 years of productions and events, we created partnerships with collaborators from complementary fields of the cultural sector aiming to help artists annually. We developed activities based on a common vision and on solid values ​​that have not been altered since.

The crisis affected us significantly, but it also helped us to understand another dimension of culture. For the first time culture is treated as a lever for growth and this trend is to be translated as a need for genuine cooperation between public, private organizations, NGOs, large and small companies and clearly artists – authors.

In this collaborative effort, a new initiative of MESO has set the tone for direct and indirect involvement of a plurality of partners at national and European level: it is the EU.R.I.C.C.A. Initiative (European Research and Innovation Agency for Cultural Clusters / European Organization for Research and Innovation for Cultural clusters).

The Greek Presidency of the European union and the special edition of the 15 years of the EMD, serve as starting point for the creation and design of a pilot network for cooperation between national and European partners.

Stay tuned … the best is yet to come!

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