NPO MESO MUSIC EVENTS was this year again a partner of the Tak Brzmi Miasto Show case Conference 2017 that took place this year at the Nowy Theater of Krakow on the 11 & 12th of November.

TAK BRZMI MIASTO or HEAR THE CITY is an EXPORT Conference & Festival that aims to offer to polish musicians and music professionals  the most efficient way to connect and export their music outside their region.

With more than 25 panels, discussions, seminars, lectures and presentations this year’s edition this year’s focus was about the Central Eastern and Southerastern networking opportunities, collaboration and cooperation with national and international experts – musicians, festival organizers, managers, journalists and labels.

And once they were all there, organisers had of course the opportunity to present some of Krakow’s very promising artists and bands…



The meetings were also an occasion for NPO MESO Music Events founder, Mr Georges Perot, to meet again with Krakow Music Scene Foundation  representatives and develop in vivo the next steps of the partnerships that will connect the stakholders and partners of the Hellenic Network of the European Music Day, the European Live Music AssociationNIMPE and the partners of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece.

More at Takbrzmimiasto and Krakow Music Scene Foundation 

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