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European Music Day 2013

National Overview of the Hellenic Network

NPO MESO,  the national agency of coordination of the Hellenic organizers of the European Music Day (EMD), invites you at the Press Conference that will be held at IANOS (Stadiou 24) on Thursday 06th of June at 12.00, to present you the events, Workshops and concerts of the fourteenth edition of the European Music Day.

Refreshed and looking into the future, the EMD wishes to fill every corner of the country with sounds, colors and joyful notes, creating a unique cultural “fusion”. The aim of the EMD is to bring together through its activities, every person that shares the same passion: music.

Hellenic Network of the European Music Day

In this year’s schedule, hundreds of artists, bands, orchestras, choirs and philharmonics, united their influence and in collaboration with the local government and local organizers (at about 140 locations in whole Greece), the events will be presented in 29 cities all over Greece.

The events of this year, will be held at Agios Dimitrios (Attica), Agrinio, Athina, Amaliada, Filipiada, Didimoticho, Edessa, Domokos, Drama, Ioannina, Iraklio (Crete), Thesaloniki, Kavala, Kallithea (Attica), Komotini, Kithira, Kos, Moschato-Tavros (Attica), Larisa, Livadia, Naxos, Xanthi, Paros, Preveza,  Salamina, Santorini Serres, Veria and Volos.

The national Organization of the events are now in their final stage and partnerships, collaborations and synergies, in perfect swing, but already distinguished event to be held from 19 to 24 June (the final program will be announced on the 12 of June). 

Among the cities organisers is Thesaloniki which will celebrate the European Music Day in 13 locations, Xanthi, Preveza and Amaliada which will held  60 events  for 3 days, as well as Kithira which will celebrate 4 days of events (21-24/06).

Volos will be again the focal point of artistic exchanges with the hospitality of 20 groups from all over Greece, while in Larisa, Amaliada, Naxos and Xanthi, there will be artists from other cities travelling too. It is also the first time that the celebration of the events will be head at Kos and Edessa.

For more information or up-dates, please visit

Athens Program, (19-21/06 )

The year 2013 was a year of development for the Greek network of the EMD. In order to make sure that all interested music fans, amateurs or professional artists and organizers, participate in the events or the organization of the EMD, the agenda of coordination and participation and the website for the Greek network were updated (concerning only the events occurring in Athens), while a new digital platform named the Athens Music Matchmaker, allowed artists and organizers to register and to connect between them directly, inaugurating an interactive platform of event production.

The result was impressive, since hundreds of artists and organizers participated and planned events in new areas of the city. Inspired by the slogan “Find your Match”, more than 150 artists were registered at the Athens Music Matchmaker Platform, organizing 140 events in 42 areas of Athens.

 In total, more than 80 events will take place in different areas of Attica, in collaboration with the municipalities of Athens, Ag Dimitrios, Kallithea, Mosxato-Tavros and Salamina, with various museums, institutions, conservatories or cultural centers and with the exclusive sponsoring of the “Stavros Niarchos Foundation”/ Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (

Just like every year, most of the events will be realized thanks to the participation of hundreds of musicians and music-loving volunteers.  Their spirit of cooperation has enabled the organization of events in many areas of Attica. The combination of many different organizers and personal initiatives has resulted in the organization of a three day long program of concerts in all of Attica.

It includes events in the Athenaeum International Center of Art, the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Garden Café of the Monetary Museum, the Conservatory of Delphoi, the Odysseus Demetriades Municipal Conservatory of Kallithea, the B&M Theoxaraki Foundation, the Michael Cacogiannis Foundation, the KOIN.S.EP Synxordia, the Music Library of Greece Lilian Voudouri, the Museum of Akropolis, the Museum of traditional music instruments, the Conservatory of Athens and the Rizopoulou Conservatory.

In addition, during these three days, various events, concerts and workshops will be hosted thanks to the support of Athens Voice, BIOS, City Vibes, Floral Café, Colibri Café, IANOS Café, Oineas Restaurant, Jazz Point Café and Postbloo Music Communication Live Festivals.

The central events of the Music Day will be held in Syntagma square, Klafthmonos square, Filopappou hill, Varnava square, the National Garden, the Daphne Metro square of the municipality of Ag Dimitrios and the cinema Kalipso in Kallithea. For the first time, new activities will be held in Kyprou square in the municipality of Kallithea, in the Ag. Georgios square in the municipality of Mosxato-Tavros, in Avdi square, in Mavrokordatou Street, in Andrianou Street and in Pittaki Street.

All these events are held in cooperation with: the Music Ensembles of the Municipality of Athens, Athens Voice, the website,  the network Be the Change,  Komma Bar,  Klik Espresso Bar, Mikri Vouli,  Noiz Productions,  Platform magazine, Super Fly, Sushi Bar, Paliakis grill house and Varnava Café (more information about the location of the events on the webpage)

This year, in addition to the music events, NPO MESO will also host the first European Cultural Forum for Musical Clusters, in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens.

Meanwhile, educational workshops and discussion will specifically be held regarding Vocational & educational Training and Adult learners or non-formal education in the field of Music Sector. These events are direclty linked with the closing events of 2 consortium’s of European Partners supported by the European Union lifelong learning programmes, the MU-VET / Music-Vocational and Educational Training (Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership) and the MT-AL / Music Trainers for Adult Learning (Grundtvig Partnership). 

Quick intro:

European Cultural Forum:  The role of Clusters for the development of the Music Sector
More than 80 representatives of various European organizations, institutions and enterprises of the music sector, will meet on the 19th and 20th of June in Athens.  The Forum aims to point out the important contributions that the State, Social Actors, Universities, NGOs and the Private sector can make in relation to creating clusters.There are specific opportunities that can be derived from them, in social and economic terms, for both institutions and society. Additionally, the Forum will deepen the benefits as a result of collaboration by the Creative Sector and Education, Training, Entrepreneurship and Development in order to improve competitiveness and innovation. The objective of this initiative is to support the formation of clusters and new alliances that will characterize the Music Clusters, fusing different approaches for the transfer of knowledge, specialization, skills and competencies

EURICCA Initiative

Various members of different national and European networks, partnerships or organisations unite their abilities, in order to create a European research and innovation agency that will support cultural professionals, helping them obtain skills, abilities, knowledge and specialization in their filed. Starting with the Music Sector. Through the cooperation with active Music Clusters or with the creation of new networks, this new agency aims to record the different approaches of the enlarged Cultural Sector and publish them on a common network of information exchange and to develop new collaborations, combining the Artistic Conception with the need for Education, Specialization, Entrepreneurship and Development.

Workshops-Seminars and Discussions
The hours and the locations of the workshops will be announced until Wednesday 12th June, as well as the presentations, and the construction workshop of music instruments. The above will be supported by partners from the MU-VET & the MT-AL  lifelong learning partnership and  Sofia Labropoulou, Vaguelis Kalatzis, Panos Iliopoulos, Charis Sarris, Mario Papadeas and Petros Kourtis. The common characteristic of all our efforts is the empowering of the interactivity of all citizens, in order to increase the participation and the organization of events. In parallel, there will be discussions and workshops regarding promoting and educative paths, that will take place in collaboration with foreign representatives of agencies and companies Conseil de la Musique Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium), European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (France), Feis Rois (Scotland), Live Music Now (Scotland),  Music2Deal (Germany)  and Virtuelle  Cluster Initiative (Germany), while the partners from MU-VET  and MT-AL  partnership will also discuss about the aims of the programmes for the Music Sector and present the outcomes of their 2 years research.

EU Lifelong Learning: Programmes presentation (open events to the public and locations will be released on the 12/06/13)

1)      Music Vocational and Educational  Training (MU-VET Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership)

The general aim of Music and Vocational Education and Training project (MU-VET) is to promote discussion and co-operation among different stakeholders linked to VET in music to make the Education and Training process more consistent and effective in relation to current, emerging and prospective market needs. The objectives are to contribute and assess VET state of art, to meet emerging competences needs in the music market by coping with skills gaps and anticipating emerging trends and jobs needs in EU changing music market.

2)      Music Trainers for Adult Learners (MT-AL Grundvig Partnership)

Music Trainers for Adult Learning (MT-AL) project aims at identifying innovative contents and methodologies to update music trainers profiles on new dynamics in using / exploiting / approaching music and on new techniques and methods to develop non – formal learning for adult with small or no music competences.



National Coordination


Member of INPO European Music Day Association


Under the Auspices of

Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religion, Culture and Sports

Intercultural Euro-Mediterranean Center for UNESCO

Municipality of Athens


International Supporters:

Music2Deal – Virtuelle Cluster Initiative


National Partner:


Athens Organization:

Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens



Exclusive Sponsor:

Stavros Niarchos Foundation/ Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (


Media Partners :

Athens Voice, Athinorama, Athens 9.84 RADIO, CityVibes, Mind Radio, Platform, Sonik Mag,,,,,,,,


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