17th edition of the European Music Day in Greece

June 21st is approaching, and as every year since 1999, calls for artists and organisers will begin to spread all over the country in order to prepare this year’s edition.

The first dates have been released by local organisations in various cities of the national network and the events will be held between the 18th  and the 23rd of June 2016 (21-23 in Attica).

For the 5th consecutive year, the national coordination of the organization and production of events will be organized mainly through citizen initiatives and collective creative efforts.

Stay tuned as the largest music event of southeastern Europe is expected to spread once again in almost every part of Greece (12 regions and 38 cities in 2015), with hundreds of live events and concerts * in squares, parks, open air venues or pedestrian areas of ​​the country (* a total of 559 events happened in 2015), as always, free and free access to the public.

European Music Day 2016
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“… Let’s dream again!”

European Music Day National Programme 2015 (#EMDmusic2015)

European Music Day 2015

The 16th edition of the European Music Day (Greek network), is the result of an amazing national collaborative effort, and perhaps, the most important one, since the beginning of the events in Greece, in 1999.

In a particularly difficult time for our country, the concerts, activities and events of 2015 are bringing a strong message of optimism, unity and cooperation. Determined to change the rhythms of the cities, 3.000 musicians, 425 bands, Djs, Choirs and Orchestras will be present in 239 events in 178 locations, Nationwide!

This year, with the support and the passion of hundreds of ordinary citizens and volunteer organizers, 35 cities are participating in the European Music Day efforts, to flood neighborhoods, squares, pedestrian streets and parks of Greece with melodies, from the 18th till the 21st of June.

A loud call prompting everyone to leave aside the problems of everyday life – even for a few hours – and to follow the heart beats of music.

Cities 2015: Athens, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Nikolaos, Agrinio, Amaliada, Chania, Delfi, Didymoteicho, Domokos, Donoussa, Edessa, Heraklion, Ioannina, Itea, Kavala, Kallithea, Kefalonia, Koropi, Kythera, Larissa, Levadia, Loutraki, Naxos, Paros, Patras, Preveza, Salamina, Samos, Santorini, Serres, Sparti, Thessaloniki, Veria, Volos and Xanthi.

Production reserves the right to change the program without prior notice.
Flash photography is prohibited. The brand name European Music Day and its logo are legitimate trademark

please click one of the following links to review the National European Music Day Artistic Programme 2015,  



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European Music Day Greece – Artwork 2015

We have the pleasure to present you the official artwork of the European Music Day 2015.

Music is harmony, the union of gaps in a musical scale. As the geometry. The points, lines and curves are like the notes, half-tones and melodies.

It is what brings people together in a common space.

The European Music Day is simply the tool, that empirically and intuitively connects people … in more than 30 cities across the country.

This year’s events are dedicated to Melina Mercouri and the Europe of Culture(s).

The artists are preparing, instruments are tuned, venues are decorated and in few days will be announced the Nationwide Program.

Until then, stay tuned!


20th Anniversary of the European Music Day Association

In 2015, Music Day events will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Budapest which created the European Network of the Music Day Organisers (EMD) but it will also mark the 30th  anniversary since the 1st European Capital of Culture which was Athens in 1985.

Considering those very symbolic opportunities, the Greek delegation proposed the organization of a special European framework of activities and events for the celebration of these important anniversaries in Greece and more specifically in Athens.

Our thoughts were inspired by the vision of Melina Mercouri and the reasons that created the concept of the European Capitals of Culture, when back in 1983, she stated that “Europe needs a soul” and that “only culture could offer it”, a necessity that has become even more vital today.

This is why, under the umbrella of a common idea which aims to promote the principles and strengthening the values ​​of a united Europe, the Greek network of the EMD has set the tone for direct and indirect involvement of partners at European level, in order to create activities from across the spectrum of the Creative and cultural Industries during the events of the EMD Athens (19-21 of June).

For these reasons, in addition of the 400 music events that will be organised nationwide, including the 100 events of Attica, NPO MESO as the National Coordinator of the Greek Network EMD (38 cities in 2014) presented an indicative framework of activities and a coordinating mechanism to create proposals, record basic needs and select final activities.

Stay tuned

Greek Cities celebrating the Music Day 2014

19th – 21st of June 2014: 15 years Anniversary of the European Music Day Events in Greece.

Where? You will have to choose between 38 cities and 350 events location!

What can you enjoy? From Classical Music in archaeological sites, Jazz and Trad in gardens, Blues, Rock & Hip-Hop in pedestrian areas and of course, many live stages in hundreds of squares!

Which artists are going to participate: Around… 600 bands, orchestras, choirs (and many others)!!!

The special event Stage: 3 days in the heart of the Attica at the SEF – Moschato Paralia

More on Monday at www.europeanmusicday.gr



Open call registration with Match Athens platform

Registration to Athens EMD 2014 Events with Match Athens platformRegistration for the European Music Day, 19 – 21 of June 2014 

matchathens.onesolstice.com was created in an attempt to boost the growth of the participating artists and venues network and to make participating in the European Music Day 2014 easy and accessible to anyone.

MatchAthens gives the opportunity to artists and venues to broaden their network by giving the ability to communicate instantly with each other. Match Athens provides all the means necessary for artists and venues to organise live shows for the European Music Day 2014.

Match Athens was pilot-launched last year inAthens during the European Music Day 2013 in partnership with One Solstice. The organization aims to support, expand, unite and build upon this worldwide celebration of creativity that began in France 32 years ago as Fête de la Musique (Music or Make Music Day).

All you need to do is to sign up at matchathens.onesolstice.com!

Artists and Venues not only can they show interest other Venues and Artists but also they can form together the schedule of the European Music Day 2014. As an Artist or Venue you can communicate directly with each other, make the arrangements necessary and create your gig!

Thats how European Music Day proves that it belongs to everyone and it can be formed by all participants!

Open Call is addressed to:

  1. Amateur or professional artists:

       Performers, soloists, bands, choir, musical ensembles who would like to perform and show their work in European Music Day 2014 in Athens.

       2. Organisers:

       Individuals, cultural and artistic associations, foundations, music academies or schools, who would like to work together to organize the event or any parallel action during the European              Music Day 2014 in Athens.

So, What is music for you?

Is music your life? Unite with us, sign up and help create the greatest music moment of the Country.

Registrations are open until the 26th of May. (EXTENDED till 30th of May 2014)

Help Desk: help @ europeanmusicday.gr

Information for the rest of Greece at info @ europeanmusicday.gr 

European Music Day 2014 is here!

Stay tuned!

M.E.S.O. Team

Open Call 2014

Open Call for the

15th European Music Day anniversary edition

What is music for you?

The celebration evolves, matures and gives the initiative to everyone to actively be part of it. Every great dream begins with a dreamer, every dreamer wants to live the moment, every emotion needs to manifest. Our dream in its 15th anniversary is to unite people. To communicate and to freely express our emotions. All together! Something we all need.

How? The question is well known and the answer is one: with music!

Every word on our tongues is music. The road to salvage our souls is paved with music. Music is the sound of our heart beating. Music makes our heart beating. Music is eternal

Our journey into the world of sound emerged out of a single question. The question that we would like each one of you to answer: What is music for you?

Is it the nonverbal sound the singer makes? is it the cover of an album? A vibrating speaker? The music you play? A street party? A colour? A painting? Words written on a wall? The lyrics of a song? How does music unites us all?

Its a question that forces us for a sincere answer.

What is music for you?

European music day celebrates its 15th year anniversary and calls for your responses.

Do you like writing? Twitter us: @EMD_Greece #tieinaimousiki (what is music for you)

Are you a visual person? Complete our application form and send us our video at [email protected]

Do you live through music? Team up with fellow artists and venues through Athens Music Matchmaker platform (further information on our website europeanmusicday.gr on the 30th of April 2014)

Athens Dates: 19 – 21 of June 2014

National dates info: [email protected]



Music Alliance 2014 – The Cluster Project

MESO Music events will support the European Music Cluster Project and its Alliance Members development phase.

EURICCA seeks to enlarge its pan-European network of Members and Benefactors who are committed, as professionals or volunteers, to the cause of our organisation: the sustainable development of Europe’s cultural and natural legacy for present and future generations.

By supporting EURICCA as a Member or a Benefactor, individual members or organisations will contribute actively and financially to our activities and to the growth of Europe’s citizen’s movement in favour of cultural Industries development.

The Greek Network of the Music Day national partners “Cluster” will be the first Official European partner of the model development, in Collaboration with EURICCA agency.

Mapping and networks “meta-data” collection will start during Athens June’s 2014 events and the 15th Years Anniversary edition.